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Links Directory

Welcome to our growing lists of agencies, websites and resources related to children's mental health. Whenever possible we try to include Canadian and Ontario resources.

These sites are provided for your information only, and Children's Mental Health Ontario assumes no responsibility for their content. Please carefully evaluate the content of each site when you visit it, rather than simply take the content at face value.

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Recommended Links

CAMH Knowledge Exchange

CAMH Knowledge Exchange gives you quick access to the best available online information, tools and resources. As it evolves, KnowledgeX will also provide opportunities to collaborate and communicate with other addiction and mental health professionals. More about the site.


A site where youth and emerging adults can access information, resources and tools during difficult times.

Education Law Project

Free child advocacy for families in Ontario whose children face challenges to their rights in school related to accommodating special needs/disabilities; unfair expulsions, suspensions, exclusions or transfers; being denied the right to attend school; and bullying or harassment.  Information is available free of charge to everyone and many resources are posted on the website.  Legal advice and representation are available for children who meet certain criteria.

An online mental health directory where anyone can go to find out where to get help.

Faculty of Social Work Professional Development program, Wilfrid Laurier University

The Faculty of Social Work Professional Development program at Wilfrid Laurier University is designed to meet the continuing education needs of those in the helping professions, including social work, social services, healthcare, child and youth, education, law enforcement and pastoral care. All of our courses are facilitated by instructors who bring years of experience and practice to the classroom. Participants will get not only facts and theories, but also the learned experiences of the instructor and other students to create the whole picture.

Family Service Ontario

Family Service Ontario represents 41 not-for-profit member agencies located throughout Ontario who serve over 250,000 individuals and families each year, of every age group and socio-economic level. In 27 cities throughout Ontario there is one Family Service agency. There are two Family Service agencies in Kitchener, Oshawa, Peel, Thunder Bay, and Windsor, and three in Ottawa and Toronto.

Geneva Centre for Autism - Education and Training Options for Parents

The Centre offers parents many opportunities to participate in educational workshops. These groups are facilitated by behaviour communication consultants, speech language pathologists, occupational therapists, social workers and psychologists.

Get Help Early (working together to overcome psychosis)

This website was developed by first-episode psychosis youth and parents with the help of dedicated family members who donated their talent, expertise and experience to create a partnership-based early psychosis resource. This website houses a wonderful art gallery featuring the works of young artists who have experienced first-episode psychosis. This is a very moving and inspirational website.

Government of Ontario

The Ontario Government's website includes news, information and a resource centre. Click on the link labelled 'Children' to find the Government of Ontario's information geared specifically to children's health and children with special needs.

Healthy Place Communities

Dozens of scheduled, hosted, online support group meetings organized into communities of people concerned about a particular diagnosis, disorder or mental illness.

Infant Mental Health Promotion at Sick Kids

Promoting infant mental health and well-being in infants (prenatal to age three) and their families. Information on prevention and intervention when infants are at-risk or have identified problems.

Iris the Dragon

Iris the Dragon Inc. is a Canadian educational publishing company. They offer a series of illustrated children’s books and educational resources dealing with the topic of children’s mental health. Believed to be the first of its kind in its approach to educating caregivers and children about mental illness, Iris the Dragon Inc. has been successful with its products in beginning a dialogue with children about what often can be a difficult topic.

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