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Welcome to our growing lists of agencies, websites and resources related to children's mental health. Whenever possible we try to include Canadian and Ontario resources.

These sites are provided for your information only, and Children's Mental Health Ontario assumes no responsibility for their content. Please carefully evaluate the content of each site when you visit it, rather than simply take the content at face value.

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For Children & Youth (4 entries)

Young and Healthy

An interactive site for adolescents about adolescent health. Provides facts, answers FAQs, and deals with sensitive topics. A comprehensive, interesting, and easy-to-navigate site.


YoungMinds is a national charity (in the United Kingdom) that is committed to improving the mental health of all children and young people. They do this through giving advice, training, campaigning and distributing publications. Their website has a section for children, young people, and for parents.

Youth Net / Reseau Ado Ottawa

A bilingual, regional, mental health promotion and intervention program run by youth, for youth. Reaches out and helps youth develop and maintain good mental health, as well as healthy coping strategies for dealing with stress.


A comprehensive job search program for youth, providing many ways to search for jobs, listed by interest, category, and location. Provides career advice, resumé and cover letter writing tips, and a place to post resumés.


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