What Are Some Possible Affects of CBD Oil on Kid’s Mental Health

Cannabidiol (CBD) has gained more popularity throughout the years. With the relaxed regulations on the use of #1 CBD edibles and marijuana plants where CBD is found, there has been an increase in demand in the market. It is popularly known to be beneficial for grown-ups and adults. However, kids and teens can benefit from CBD oil as well. Read on to find out more about it.

CBD oil and marijuana are not at all the same. Although, CBD may be found in marijuana as much as it can in cannabis. Marijuana may be legal in some countries and illegal in others. CBD is from a cannabis plant. Whether CBD oil can get a person high, the answer is a resounding no. That is contrary to what and how most people may have perceived it. CBD oil is from hemp seeds known and used for their nutritional value, as it contains fibre, minerals, and protein.

How Could the Kids and Teens Benefit from CBD Oil?

No potential for abuse or dependence

According to the World Health Organization’s Comprehensive Report on CBD, CBD oil does not potentially abuse and is dependent. Kids and teens who want to try it out and explore its benefits may do so without worrying about possible withdrawal symptoms once they stop taking it. They may also go about their usual daily routine without dependence on CBD oil.

Reduces anxiety

If the child or the teen has social anxiety, generalized anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), CBD oil helps reduce the same. It gives off an effect that reduces anxiety levels and promotes less agitation.

Solves sleep problems

CBD oil also helps improve sleep soundness. If a child or a teen has been having nighttime fears, CBD oil can also help. It can help calm them down and solve sleep problems.

Reduces pain

Inflammatory pain conditions can be reduced with the use of CBD oil. It is pitiful for a child to experience inflammatory pains, so CBD oil should lessen the pain.

Helps against nausea

Most of the time, children could not get rid of nausea. One way to help them is to use CBD oil. The scent that it gives off produces calming effects.

With these beneficial effects on children and teens, it is important to know that it has its side effects.


As much as CBD oil can help with sleeping, it also produces drowsiness, such that a child may feel sleepy although it’s not yet napping time.

Increased appetite

CBD oil may also have the effect of increased appetite. So, it is important to have a bit of extra food for the consumption of children who have used CBD oil. However, there have been no studies on whether it may result in obesity.

These things must be considered when deciding whether children and teens should try CBD oil. Insofar as it concerns their mental health, it may be beneficial. But the same is subject to some side effects.

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