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T-Shirt Design

T-Shirt Design Guide

Creating a custom t-shirts or hoddie designs is an enjoyable activity that enhances your creativity, and could generate income if you would try to market the designs you made. If you’re planning to send your design to a shirt printing company or making a custom t-shirt design for personal reasons, you may still be able to create a shirt design on your computer. Here’s a guide on how to design your t-shirt.
Step 1 – Conceptualization of the Design
Brainstorming about how your design will appear is an important aspect. You should be able to identify what…

Plain Shirts

Ways You Could Print Designs on Plain Shirts to Spread Mental Wellness in Children

Children are vulnerable against abuse, t shirts and because they often keep silent and are easily manipulated, it’s no wonder why there are a lot of cases left untold. This is why we should be the voice of abused children. We should campaign for their justice and their right to live a peaceful life.
Whether abused or mentally vulnerable, these children should be supported. One way we could do this is by using plain shirts to spread mental wellness in children through printing relevant imagery and messages on these clothing material.
Luckily, there are several ways we could print designs …