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Ways You Could Print Designs on Plain Shirts to Spread Mental Wellness in Children

Children are vulnerable against abuse, t shirts and because they often keep silent and are easily manipulated, it’s no wonder why there are a lot of cases left untold. This is why we should be the voice of abused children. We should campaign for their justice and their right to live a peaceful life.

Whether abused or mentally vulnerable, these children should be supported. One way we could do this is by using plain shirts to spread mental wellness in children through printing relevant imagery and messages on these clothing material.

Luckily, there are several ways we could print designs on shirts. The ones below are some examples:

Stencil Printing

This is the method where the design comes from a stencil. You cut out cardboard according to your desired design. Place the stencil on the shirt and keep it in place with the use of masking tape. Rollover fabric paints on the stencil so that the design will be painted on the shirt. For this method, you will need a plain shirt, stencil, fabric paint, paint roller, and masking tape. There are ready-made stencils that you can buy in the market, or you can create your own using cardboard.

Screen Paint Printing

This method makes use of a screen to get the design printed on the shirt. For this method, you will need a plain shirt, screen, screen printing paint, squeegee, craft paper, and a craft knife. You can cut out the design on the craft paper. Some screens can be bought in the market so you will not have to make one.

Place the screen over the craft paper and then put it on the shirt. Start your way to apply paint on the screen using the squeegee. This will evenly spread out paint all over the shirt. It is essential that you carefully lift the screen after working so that the paint will not splatter over the shirt.

Iron-on Transfer Printing

This is a more modern style of shirt printing. For this, you will need a plain shirt, iron-on transfer paper, printer, and iron. You can create any design you want since you can do this on the computer. Have the design printed on the paper. Cut it out and put it on the shirt. Make sure that the shirt is not wrinkled or crumpled. Once the design is steady on the shirt, press it with a hot iron. This will get the design transferred on the shirt.

These ways need a flat and wide working station. This will ensure that your designs will be correctly transferred to the shirt. You will also need to wash the shirt before printing on it as some shirts may shrink once washed. This will avoid any changes or errors in the transferring of the designs.

Final Thoughts

Use any of the methods above to spread mental wellness in children. Custom t-shirts are, after all, one of the most effective ways to naturally spread awareness. They are easy to produce and can be used in a lot of activities and events. Give printing a try, and start working on your messages about mental wellness in children.

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